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Manufacturer for special purpose machinery for Gussasphalt,
joint-sealing compounds and marking materials

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Your specialist for special machinery concerning road construction

Innovative technology for gussasphalt, joint-sealing- and marking materials

For more than 100 years we have been producing machines of the highest quality for our clients in our plant in Germany. Your advantage: Consulting, construction and production all under one roof.

Our technical expertise and skills produce client orientated solutions. In construction our engineers strive to find high quality and yet economical solutions for our client’s requirements. If needed, we provide instruction to working the machines on site. A fast repair- and emergency-service are naturally our second nature.


Gussasphalt Machines for the transport and laying of gussasphalt

> Gussasphalt- and
    Recycling Cookers

> Chip Spreaders
> Finishers
> Silos
> Dumpers

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Casting compound technology

Agitator cooker for joint sealing compound, fracture restoration and edge sealing

Joint Sealing on asphalt and concrete areas

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Mixing cooker for the preparation and appliance of marking compounds

Melting of thermoplastics

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Laying Machines

For the mechanical laying of bitumen sheets

Sealing on bridges and other traffic areas

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We are setting Standards in Machine Construction

Our machines are highly specialised for the preparation, the transport and the professional application of gussasphalt in the widest variety of locations. Due to the physical characteristics of the material mastic asphalt, special demands are made on the machines. The know-how, which we achieved in decades of experience and through innovative work, have made us the worldwide market leader in this field.

The product range of Linnhoff & Henne includes also processing cookers for joint sealing, crack reparation and edge sealing on asphalt- and concrete areas.
Further products are our marking compound cookers as well as laying machines for the mechanical laying of bitumen sheets for the sealing of traffic areas.


The gussasphalt cooker GTA 1,5 - special is ideally suitable for use on construction sites with little space or difficult access.

This cooker was specially developed for difficult working areas. It is easy to handle and characterized by its clear operability. The cooker allows an easy maneuvering at the place of use: see also the video clip


Our Service

Personal/technical consultation also on site
Repair-Service (also of other companies’ work)
Emergency Service (mobile installation team)
Replacement Service (within 24 hours)
Machine-use instruction

Individual Solutions

Each machine is made to order, is solely produced to suit the individual requirements of a client.

Our clients determine:

  • Size of the cooker(capacity)
  • Variant (vertical or horizontal mixing machine)
  • Structure: on base frames, truck, trailer chassis (1- or 2 axis)
  • Heating system (oil or gas)
  • Lacquering


Made in Germany by Linnhoff & Henne

Our company is the world-wide leading capacity in gussasphalt technology based on decades of experience. The first machines for gussasphalt were already produced in 1878 by the company Henne located in the town of Holzminden. The worldwide demand for our cookers and preparation plants for mastic asphalt, which are mainly used for bridge and tunnel-construction, has risen continuously. The area of application reaches from the Elbtunnel in Hamburg to the Öresund Bridge (from Denmark to Sweden), to the 50km long bridge in Hongkong. With our durable gussasphalt machines, we are proud to have made a name for ourselves.

Innovation is one of our priorities. New regulations, but also higher requirements concerning operation and security, demand continuous new and further development of our machines. This task is faced by a 40 strong, experienced and dedicated workforce in our modern production plant.

The actual production takes place in close co-operation with our clients, so that the individual client requirements praxis- and size orientated can be considered. State of the art production guarantees that our machines leave the company at a high-quality level.

Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co. KG is a family company. The managing director Mr. Henning Stahl, known in the entire branch as a very competent and trustworthy partner, has been leading the company since 1994.

Each client is welcome to visit our company in person.

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Since 1878 a Company with Tradition

The company Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co.KG exists as the legal successor of the Richard Henne GmbH since 1878. It is therefore the oldest company for the production and distribution of gussasphalt machines worldwide.

The founder, Richard Henne, was born in Braunschweig on September 15th in 1854. He first attended the “Bürgerschule” (equivalent of today’s primary school) and left the grammar school in the “Sekunda” (old-fashioned name for the 10th class in a grammar school) wishing to become a farmer. Driven by the interest in the work of the coppersmith, which was done in the farm’s smithy, he decided to start an apprenticeship at a coppersmith in Braunschweig. After two years, having finished his apprenticeship, he travelled the world to widen his knowledge. Only in 1878 he returned to Holzminden and founded his first company, a copper-smithy, producing smaller tools. This was the beginning of the Richard Henne company.

In the 1880s new branches of industry developed especially in the asphalt industry, which also opened a new field of production for Richard Henne. The occurrence of asphalt in Hils, close to Vorwohle, not far from Hozminden, became the basis for the building of factories for the further processing of the mined asphalt rocks. The first stationary asphalt cooker was delivered to Vorwohle at the end of the 1880s. The excellent results of this first attempt determined the further expansion in asphalt machinery. First, only stationary asphalt cookers were built, later one advanced to building mobile asphalt cookers, to enable the production of asphalt covered streets independent of the factory.
(source: the commemorative publishing marking the 50th company jubilee)

Until 2003 Hozminden remained the location of the Richard Henne GmbH. Only in the course of the takeover by the Lintec-Group (Buxtehude), the machine production was relocated to Stadtoldendorf. So, since 2003 the company is based in the former York barracks in Stadtoldendorf.

In 2005 the consolidation with the LT Linnhoff Machine Production GmbH, Winsen /Buxtehude was decided, a company which also had been known in the mastic asphalt “family” for decades. By merging the two companies to the Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co. KG a first-class machine production specialist for the complete subject area of mastic asphalt emerged. Today the product range encompasses a great number of speciality machines for the use in road construction.

We gladly invite you to view our large range of products.