Gussasphalt Dumpers by Linnhoff & Henne

Easy movable machines for the transport of ready mixed goods to the construction site

Dumpers enable the laying of mastic asphalt on small area building sites, such as indoor car parks, high-rise building sites.

Through the hydrostatic drive the dumper can be carefully maneuvered to the dumping area, even across rough terrain. The asphalt kettle is equipped with a vertical mixer which is hydraulically driven.

Gussasphalt Dumper D 600

The dumper has hydraulic steering and a chassis with a water-cooled YANMAR Diesel-engine with a hydrostatic transmission. The YANMAR-engine is available in two performance classes with 17,9 kw and 27 kw (both emission level 5) whereby the 27 kw variant has an added emission cleaner.


Capacity: 600 l

Standard equipment:

  • Hydraulic steering
  • Chassis with water-cooled YANMAR Diesel-engine: 17,9 kw or 27 kw (emission level 5) whereby the 27 kw variant has an extra emission cleaner.
  • Kettle-tilting-device and thermostatically steered propane gas burner offer easy operation.

Equipment Variations:

  • Hydraulically operated front outlet
  • Illumination package for the construction site operation
  • Illumination package according to StVZO
  • Leak gas protection
  • Gas burner with electric ignition
  • Digital temperature control

Additional for the D 600

  • Dipstick for overall view
  • Hydraulically operated side outlet
  • Soot filter
  • Scissor-lift-table
  • Lifting- and tilting-device

Gussasphalt Dumper D 300 (compact construction)

The compact construction of the D 300 offers an even smaller turning circle, by equally easy operation.

The dumper D 300 has hydraulic steering and a 1-cylinder HATZ-engine with manual transmission.

Capacity: 300 l

We also offer additional equipment/tools for the mastic asphalt workspace.

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