Finishers for Gussaphalt by Linnhoff & Henne

The finishers by L&H guarantee a fast, clear-cut application of Gussasphalt on large areas such as, roads (especially motorways), bridges, parking spaces, indoor parking places and halls. They can also be delivered with integrated chip-spreaders for the laying and chipping in one work process.

For the subsequent chipping of areas, we produce separate chip-spreaders (further information)

Special Version: finisher for tram-way construction (more information)

Size Variations of Finishers:

Type Width in Meters
EB 25 - 40 1,00 to 4,50
EB 50 - 75 2,50 to 8,50
EB 50 - 75 S 2,50 to 8,50 with chipping
EB 80 - 120 S + SP 3,00 bis 14,00 with chipping

The installation -width is determined by the number of different interchangeable finisher bases.

EB 25 - 40
application width: 1,00 m up to 4,50 m

EB 50 - 75/ EB 50 - 75 S
application width: 2,50 m up to 8,50 m
with or without chipping

EB 80 - 120 S+SP
application width: 3,00 m up to 14,00 m
with chipping

Standard equipment:

  • Levelling finisher with special pressure- and screed-surfaces
  • Integrated Nirosta-Propane-Gas-burner-bars
  • Each chassis side has either a hydraulic or manual height-adjustment driven by spindles.

Types of Drive:

1. Crawler chassis:

  • Drive of the two or four crawler chassis hydraulic variable speed geared motors
  • Preferred chassis for big finishers with integrated chip spreader
  • The four-crawler-chassis of the 80 – 120 SP (P=pendulum drive) enables the driving and turning at the site as well as the loading onto a flatbed trailer without using a crane.

2. Wheel chassis:

  • Two rail- or Vulkollan-wheels on each chassis-side are driven by a hydraulic geared motor.
  • This chassis is especially suitable for the smaller and medium finishers without chip spreaders

The speed of the finisher is for both chassis infinitely variable.

Our finishers are individually produced, according to our client’s requirements and can be delivered with special equipment:

  • Electronic control device
  • Sword distributers
  • Various bases for installation changes
  • Seam-pre-heater with bracket (mount)
  • electronically operated steering
  • electronically geared levelling
  • Vulkollan-Wheels
  • Chip-rakes
  • Side-strip-finisher
  • Pillar chassis
  • And many more…

Special Version:


Our finisher EB 25G can also be used for tram-way-building work. An additional weight avoids the floating of the device. The track width can be produced in different width, meaning that the finisher-width is adjusted accordingly. Depending on client’s wishes the finisher can be executed track-touching or laying on the inside.

Chip-Spreaders by Linnhoff & Henne

Chipping of mastic asphalt areas

For the even spreading of bituminized or non-bituminized chip varieties (grain size 1 to 20 mm) across the entire chipping width.

Characteristics of our Chip-Spreaders

  • The hydraulic powered split roller- with infinitely adjustable speed – can be adjusted to a chipping amount between 1 kg to 20 kg per square meter.
  • Even chipping image through nap roller
  • Changeable spreading-width by taking out or adding chip-containers

Modes of drive

Two Vulkollan wheels on each side of the chassis are driven by a hydraulic gear motor. The speed is continuously adjustable on each chassis.

Type S 85
Installation width 2.25 m to 8.50 m

Type SG 25
For track-building

Our chip-spreaders are individually produced considering the requirements of our clients and can be furnished with plenty of additional equipment:

  • Electronic operating equipment via pendle-or desk-control
  • Proportional -steering of the chip-roller according to driving-speed
  • Distribution trolley for the side-filling of the chip-container
  • Sheet metal doubler for chip-container; ca. 40% more container volume, not possible for distribution wagon.
  • Vulkollan-wheels 150 mm wide
  • Various chip-containers for changing the installation-changes
  • Work-floodlights
  • And much more….