Gussasphalt Cookers with vertical Agitator

Transport Cooker GT

For the transport and re-mixing of mastic asphalt

The Gussasphalt Cooker Type GT excels through:

  • Low dead weight
  • Powerful agitator with hanging agitator shaft
    (does not require a stuffing-box-seal)
  • High reliability of the fully automatic heating system (oil or gas)

Preparation Cooker GT/AK

For the melting process, transport and re-mixing of mastic asphalt and other materials.

The Preparation Cooker Type GT/AK are suitable for the melting and preparation of mastic asphalt and enables the employment as a cook- and recycling device. The robust machines excel through:

  • Powerful drive
  • Sturdy agitator
  • Powerful heating system

Gussasphalt Cooker GT

Kettle Capacity

Capacity: 500 - 2400 L

Capacity: 3600 - 5000 L

Capacity: 5000 - 6900 L

Gussasphalt Cooker GT/AK

Kettle Capacity

Capacity: 200 - 700 L

Capacity: 500 - 1200 L

Special Cooker TKS: 500 L

All service elements are well arranged in a weatherproof control cabinet. The installation can be done on various HGV brands, truck depositing systems, trailer- and semi-trailer chassis or simply base-frames.

All Gussasphalt Cookers are individually manufactured according to client’s requirement and can be delivered with special- and additional equipment:

  • Soundproof diesel engine
  • Fully automatic oil-burner
  • Manually operated side outlet
  • Hydraulic operated side outlet
  • Work-floodlight
  • Replacement wheel
  • Toolbox
  • Safety Hood
  • And much more…

Additionally we offer various accessories- and work-devices for the Gussasphalt sector.

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