Gussasphalt Cookers with Horizontal Agitator

Transport Cooker AW

For the processing, transport and the re-mixing of mastic asphalt.

The Gussasphalt Cookers Type AW excel through:

  • Low dead weight
  • Powerful agitator
  • Low operating costs

The horizontal agitator drive takes care of a homogeneous processing of the mastic asphalt, guaranteeing an optimal mixing process during transportation.
All service elements are well arranged in a weatherproof control cabinet.

The technical equipment of these devices as recycling cookers is available on request.

Preparation Cooker LK

For the melting, the transport and the re-mixing of mastic asphalt.

The Gussasphalt Preparation Cooker Type LK are suitable for the melting and preparation of mastic asphalt and facilitate the use as cooking- or recycling device. The robust machines excel through:

  • Powerful hydraulic drive
  • Sturdy agitator
  • Powerful heating system
  • Cold mix can be added (recycling material)

Gussasphalt Cooker AW

Heating via gas or oil.

Capacity: 3600 - 6000 L

Capacity: 7000 - 9000 L

Capacity: 10000- 12000 L

Gussasphalt Cooker LK

Heating via gas or oil.

Capacity: 200 - 300 L

Capacity: 500 - 900 L

Capacity: 1100 - 1800 L

The installation can be done on HGVs of various brands, truck-depositing-systems, trailer- and semi-trailer chassis or simply base-frames. All Gussasphalt cookers are manufactured according to client’s requirements and can be delivered with special or additional equipment:

  • Reinforced boiler-shell
  • With a variable displacement pump instead of fixed displacement pump
  • Oil-cooler for displacement pump
  • Electronic temperature-regulator
  • Work-floodlighting
  • All-round floodlighting
  • Fold-down bucket-tray
  • Detachable bucket-plate for truck-clutch
  • Engine compartment cover
  • Engine compartment housing
  • Custom made outflows
  • Removal of fuel for diesel engines from truck central lubrication system
  • Hydraulic fill-opening horizontal
  • Speed monitor with optical display
  • Speed- and burn-monitoring with traffic lights
  • Speed- and burn monitoring in the driver cabin
  • Electric drive for AW oil
  • Hydraulic actuation from both sides
  • Hydraulic operated fill-opening
  • Measurement data collection system

Additionally, we offer various accessories- and work-tools for the Gussasphalt sector.

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