Gussasphalt finishers

EB 25 - 40
application width: 1,00 m bis 4,50 m

EB 50 - 75/ EB 50 - 75 S
application width: 2,50 m bis 8,50 m
with or without chipping
EB 80 - 120 S+SP
application width: 3,00 m bis 14,00 m
with chipping
tl_files/Einbaubohlen/EB 25 - 40/EB 25 - 40 III.jpg tl_files/Einbaubohlen/EB 50 - 75/EB 50 Brise.jpg tl_files/Einbaubohlen/EB 80 - 120/EB 80 - 120 SP mit zwei Raupenfahrwerken je Laufseite.jpg

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The finishers of Linnhoff & Henne enable the machine-made application of mastic asphalt in several application widths. These machines allow fast, profiled and large area applikation on car parks, bridges, roads, footways, parking garages and in halls. A chipping spreader - for application and chipping in one go - can be integrated.

The robust levelling device is equipped with special pressing- and levelling surfaces. Standard integrated stainless steel propane gas burner rails are included. Each section of the device is equipped with adjustable spindles. Manual or hydraulic height adjustment on each side of the chassis is achieved by spindles.

The working width of the mastic asphalt finishers is defined by the number of the variably exchangeable levelling sections. The infinitely variable edge limit is adjustable from 0 mm up to 750 mm on each side.

Type Application width in meters
EB 25-40 1,00 to 4,50
EB 50-75 2,50 to 8,50
EB 50-75 S 2,50 to 8,50 with chipping
EB 80-120 S + SP
3,00 bis 14,00 with chipping

Modes of drives:

  1. Crawler type chassis: The two or four crawler-type chassis (SP) are driven by hydraulic gear engines with variable speed gear motors. Optimally suitable chassis type for large finishers with integrated chipping spreader.

  2. Wheeled chassis: Two rail or Vulkollan wheels on one side of the chassis are driven by a hydraulic gear motor. This chassis is particularly suitable for smaller to medium-sized finishers without chipping.

The speed is continuously adjustable on each chassis.

All mastic asphalt finishers are produced individually according to customer requirements and can be delivered with a collection of special equipments.

Additional equipment:

- electronic control unit
- Sword spreader
- various working bars for different application widths
- pre-heaters for joints with mounting support
- electronically controlled steering mechanism
- electronically controlled automatic levelling mechanism
- Vulkollan wheels
- split rake
- side stripe finisher

and many others.

Speciality additions:

Finishers for tramways

Our finisher EB 25 can additionally be used as a track laying screed (view image 10 in the photo-gallery). Extra weight prevents the floating of the paving screed.

The gage for track laying can be varied to different width, the working screed being adjusted accordingly. Depending on customers requirements the working screed can be executes lying next to the track or on the inside.