Gussasphalt mixers with vertical agitator

Transport cookers
for the transport and the agitation of gussasphalt

Type GT/Ö 3 - 6
Capacity: 1.500 l - 2.600 l
Type GT/Ö 8-12
Capacity: 3.600 l - 5.000 l
Type GT/Ö 12 - 15
Capacity: 5.000 l - 6.900 l

Preparation cookers

for the melting and the transport of gussasphalt and other materials

Type GT/Ö 1 - 2,5
Capacity: 500 l - 1.200 l
Type AK 02-07
Capacity: 200 l - 700 l
Type TKS - H-1200
Capacity: 500 l

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The vertical gussasphalt mixers of Linnhoff & Henne are robust machines with a powerful hydraulic drive, robust agitator and high-capacity heating system. These machines are equipped with a suspended agitator shaft which does not require a stuffing box sealing. The kettles can be delivered with capacities ranging from 200 l up to 6,900 l. The transport and preparation cookers of type GT/ AK/ TKS can be used for the melting and recycling of gussasphalt.

The two-tiered or continuous hydraulically powered drive of the agitator is operated by a chain with reverse operation. Fully automated gas or oil burner installations heat the unit whereas the oil burner installations are powered by an inverter and a switchboard produced in-house by Linnhoff & Henne which ensures the safety of a reliable installation. All operating elements are clearly arranged on a waterproof switchboard.

The equipment can be installed on truck chassis, truck changing system or trailer chassis with individual or dual axle.

All mastic asphalt mixers are produced individually according to customer requirements and can be delivered with a collection of special equipment.

Additional equipment:

- soundproof diesel engine
- fully automated oil burners
- lateral manually operated outlet
- hydraulically operated outlet
- working spotlight
- panoramic light
- spare wheel
- toolbox
- hydraulic safety cover

and many others.