Silos for Gussasphalt by Linnhoff & Henne

For the integration of new or already existing mixing plants of different manufacturers

Gussasphalt Silo – Kettle-Capacity up to 40000 Litres

The powerful agitator silos serve the production, storage and homogenisation of mastic asphalt. They are suitable for your own production of mastic asphalt or for integration into already existing asphalt mixers.

The provide one- or two-chamber systems with a horizontal agitator shaft and a high-performance hydrostatic drive. A special heating-system with oil- or gas-burner (GSÖ or GSG) and an excellent insulation guarantee fast heating- and preparation-time.

The cylindrical kettles are equipped with a by low maintenance gland nut sealed horizontal agitator shaft. The appliances have an infinite changeable direct drive with retour run. The hydraulic power unit is equipped with all required security- and monitoring-facilities. Up to a capacity of 10 cubic meters, an aggregate with a displacement pump can be integrated. Low emission temperatures and a high level of efficiency ensure low consumption values. The appliances are also equipped with safety temperature limiters and mixed material temperature sensors.

As a plant manufacturer we gladly make you an offer for the complete integration of the silo-system into an existing mixing plant. We deliver the support construction, carry out the linkage to the inclined elevator and conduct the entire electrical installation.

Our silos are individually manufactured according to client’s requirements, can be furnished with various speciality equipment and integrated into any mixing plant.