Features of our technology for gussasphalt/ mastic asphalt


Unique energy efficiency  * * *  High reliability   * * *  Low tare weight

Special heat guide and  insulation

For a fast and efficient heating and the protection of the boiler bottom

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Innovative agitator for homogeneous gussasphalt

Equipment               Elektronic              Agitator drive      Heating system         Outlet         
  • High-quality
    aluminium tank
  • Power supply via inverter from our own production   
  • Powerful
  • Progressive "Weißhaupt"-burner with special version for constrction sites

  • Different sizes
  • Oil cooler
  • Access platform on request
  • All elements for operating are placed in a clear and weatherproof enclosure      
  • Drive components  with high quality made in Germany           
  • Optional with gas or oil burner
  • Up to
    500x500 mm