The tradition of our company since 1878

The Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co. KG exists since 1878 and is the oldest enterprise in Germany that manufactures and distributes mastic asphalt machines. Linnhoff & Henne is the successor of the Richard Henne GmbH. The merger with the LT Linnhoff Maschinenbau GmbH in Winsen/Buxtehude, a company which is also well known for many years in the mastic asphalt sector, was decided in 2005.

As a result of the merger of the two companies and their staff into the Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co. KG, a unique engineering specialist for everything related to mastic asphalt as well as to boilers for melting and processing mastic and marking masses has been created. With its location in Stadtoldendorf in the highlands of the Weserbergland, our company is situated in the centre of Germany.

Linnhoff & Henne employs currently about 35 employees and 4 trainees. Many members of the staff have been working for us for more than 15 years, some even up to 40 years, meaning they are very experienced concerning our specialized products. The mix of young people and our experienced „old hands“ is the specific forte of our company.
Linnhoff & Henne is solely family owned enterprise. The managing director, Mr Stahl, has been working in the company since 1994, and he is known in this industry as a competent and reliable partner.
Due to permanent investments and expansions of our production facilities, it is guaranteed that our machines are still manufactured here in our factory in Stadtoldendorf. Our clients are always welcome to visit us in order to convince themselves of the quality label of "Made in Germany".

We cordially invite you to obtain an overview of our product spectrum. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone or a personal visit.

Some historical pictures:

tl_files/Historische Bilder/HOL Asphaltbelag auf Pflasterstrasse 2. Weltkr.jpg tl_files/Historische Bilder/Bau der Reichsautobahn.jpg tl_files/Historische Bilder/Einsatz beim Bau der Reichsautobahn.jpg
Holzminden before Second World war    
tl_files/Historische Bilder/Holmindener Weserbruecke 1950.jpg tl_files/Historische Bilder/Holzmindener Weserbruecke II.jpg tl_files/Historische Bilder/HOL 1957.jpg
Bridge over the "Weser" in Holzminden 1950   Holzminden 1957
tl_files/Historische Bilder/Holzminden 50-iger Jahre.jpg tl_files/Historische Bilder/HOL Asphalteinbau 50-iger Jahre.jpg tl_files/Historische Bilder/Holzminden 1957.jpg
Holzminden in the 1950th   Marking works in Holzminden
tl_files/Historische Bilder/500. Henne-Kocher.jpg tl_files/Historische Bilder/Henne-Kocher im Einsatz bei VW.jpg tl_files/Historische Bilder/Verldung Hamburger Hafen 1955.jpg
The 500. Henne cooker Application at VW Shipment on board in the Hamburg Harbor 1955