Bitumen Laying Machines by Linnhoff & Henne

Self-drive machine for the laying of bitumen welding sheets on concrete areas.


  • Stable Base-Frame
  • Clear Control Unit
  • Chassis with Four-Point-Support
  • Excellent Driving Characteristics
  • Robust, compact structure for the flexible operation on building sites

High-Performance Laying in Excellent Quality

  • Bubble- and Pore-Free
  • Even Sealing-Quality
  • High Laying Speed

Bitumen Laying Machine Type VBS 100 G

for large bridge sealing

   Roll-length: up to 100 m

   Daily output: from 800 sqm to 1500 sqm

The 100 VBS 100 G was constructed for the laying of bitumen sheets for sealing large bridges and can process a roll-length of up to 100m. The bitumen sheets can be lifted by one person with the help of a separate transport wagon.

This manual guided, self-driving laying machine is equipped with a sturdy base-frame, clear layout of the control unit and a four-point support chassis. The propulsion of the dual tyred rear axle is managed by a frequency controlled electronically driven motor. The power supply is provided by a generator. The steering of the front axle works mechanically.

The Bitumen sheets are heated by seven propane-gas steel-burners and subsequently patted down by two rolls of independently suspended pressure rollers.

Bitumen Laying Machine Type VBS 100 K

small, handy machine for bridges, parking spaces etc.

   Roll-Length: 60 m

   Daily Output: up to 800 sqm

The VBS K is the smaller, handy variation (shorter design), which can manually-guided and self-propelled lay up to 50 meters of single layer bitumen sheets. The chassis has a three-point support, which ensures continuous contact of the drive wheels with the ground surface. The twin front-wheels are driven by a diesel engine. The bitumen sheets are heated by a three-part propane gas burner and patted down by pressure rollers (1 row).

Additional Equipment:

  • Hand loading cart for bitumen sheets up to 50 m in length
  • Trailer cart for bitumen rolls up to 80 m length
  • Table mounted support for bitumen sheet rolls up to 50 m in length
  • Work floodlights

Our laying machines are individually constructed according to client’s requirements and can be furnished with a variation of special equipment.

Manual Laying Machine

Working equipment without propulsion

  • For manual operation
  • Easy, flexible handling