Joint-sealing machines
for the preparation and production of sealing compounds

LKTÖ with sealing lance

Joint sealing cooker LKVG

Joint-sealing cooker GTV Joint-sealing cooker FVK

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Joint sealing technology for the operation on construction sites

The joint sealing cookers of Linnhoff & Henne are developed for expert work in joint sealing and blocking traffic areas. The machines meet all technical requirements to implement buliding and street renovation regulations. 

Joint sealing cookers Type LKT, LKV, GTV
Kettle capacity: from 200 l up to 1.100 l

Joint sealing cookers Type FVK
Kettle capacity: 10 l, 30 l and 100 l

The joint sealing cookers offer the utmost in safety and profitability, produce an excellent quality of material mixture and require a minimum in maintenance. A particular heating system, operating directly or indirectly, ensures that the mass is heated up gently and quickly. The sealing heaters can be equipped with a joint sealing device.

The melting cookers can be installed on truck chassis, truck changing system or trailer chassis with individual or dual axle.

The kettles come in capacities from 200 l up to 1,100 l. The drive is powered by a one-cylinder diesel motor with a single stage or continuous hydraulic direct drive, reverse operation and overload protection.

Additional equipment:
- soundproofed diesel engine
- fully automated oil burners
- electronic control device
- fine-tuning valve
- working spotlight
- panoramic light
- spare wheel
- toolbox
- hydraulic safety cover
- pump system inside incl. compressor
- bitumen rubber hose, 4 m in length
- spray-lance with nozzles
- drawing tools 50 mm and 80 mm
- manual torch
and many others.


Our distribution partner in the field of joint sealing:

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