Gussashalt silos und mixing plants

Stationary mixers used for producing, storing and homogenizing of gussasphalt

GSG/Ö 360 - 900 GSG 1,000 - 1,500 GSG 1,700 - 4,000
GSG 600
GSÖ 1,000
GSG 3,000

Gussasphalt silos for the integration into a new or existing mixing plant from different manufacturers

Type GS
Kettle capacity up to 40,000 l

  • Single or dual chamber systems with horizontal agitator shaft
  • Heating system with oil or gas fan burners (GSÖ or GSG)
  • Continuously adjustable direct drive with reverse operation
  • Low exhaust temperatures and high efficiency ensure low fuel consumption
  • Equipped with safety temperature controller and temperature sensor for the mixture

The silos can be constructed as small mixing units for the production and storage of mastic asphalt or otherwise are integrated in asphalt mixing plants for agitating and homogenising mastic asphalt.

The cylindrical kettles are equipped with a horizontal agitator shaft which is sealed with low maintenance stuffing boxes. The hydraulic aggregate is equipped with all necessary safety and monitoring systems. An aggregate with a fixed displacement pump is able to handle a capacity up to 10 m³.

Starting with model GS 1300, the mixing plant can alternatively be equipped with a split kettle as a twin silo.
As a system developer, we will make you an offer for a complete integration of the silo in an existing mixing plant. We are in a position to deliver the supporting construction, the connection to the inclined lift and the complete electrical installation.

If you are interested in a complete mixing plant for the in-house production of gussasphalt we can offer you various capacities.

All gussasphalt silos are produced individually according to customer requirements, can be equipped with a collection of special equipment and can be integrated into any mixing plant.